Why Volunteer?

“Volunteering with the Butterfly School has enriched my life. The programme really works,  and using it to help children to develop their reading and writing skills is hugely rewarding. Kathy and the team are positive and supportive, and the children are a pleasure to work with”


duo“It’s a great way to use existing skills and to develop new ones. At times I have found myself learning alongside the children – you don’t need to ‘know it all’ to be useful!”



“I love volunteering with the Butterfly School – it is such a pleasure to feel like I have contributed to the children’s improvement  and enjoyment of reading.  I genuinely enjoy every session – especially story time!”



“Whatever sort of week I’ve had, teaching on a Saturday morning always puts a smile on my face.  Little children are such fun! As a child, I hated it when the flash cards came out at school, so much that I would physically get tummy ache. For this reason, I know how important it is for children to feel relaxed when learning and I really improving children’s attitudes to literacy and giving them some hope that it does get easier!”



“Volunteering for the Butterfly School is very meaningful and rewarding. Young fresh minds need encouragement and opportunities to expand in knowledge and ability. It is so refreshing when you witness that spark when the penny drops and a youngster grasps a new understanding of our language and words. Admission to greater learning is so much easier for those with good reading” skills.



“I would say that someone told me about Butterfly when my parents died – they thought it would be something to occupy my mind.  Of course, it’s impossible to feel unhappy when there are children around, and the Butterfly children are bright and funny and enthusiastic.  I enjoy spending time with them, and I have a passion for keeping reading alive, so Butterfly is an excellent thing for volunteers and children alike.”

Sue Wilding


“Having been a volunteer with Butterfly for over a year, I look back on my time given as something extremely worthwhile and that made a difference to the children I worked with. It is a very satisfying feeling to know that you may have helped in some small way, and that the Butterfly system continues to improve the standards of reading and writing for all the children who take part. Volunteers are valuable contributors.”



“I would say that it is a rewarding experience to contribute to the development of children’s literacy skills and to witness their growth in confidence and self-esteem.” 

Alison Cornforth


“I volunteer because I like to put something back into the community.  At Butterflies there is a lot of satisfaction from helping the children  and it can be a good way of making new friends with other volunteers.”

Christine Furniss