What is Butterfly School?

Butterfly School Scarborough is a Saturday morning literacy project open to all local primary school age children.

The Butterfly Course is a long established course chosen because it boosts children’s confidence and accelerates their learning.

Each pupil is assessed individually and progresses at their own pace so some children will be mastering the essential basics while others will be learning about complicated grammar and looking at extracts from classical literature.

The point is that each child learns at a level that is right for them: one that will stretch and challenge them without them feeling out of their depth.

Class sizes are small and all our staff are enthusiastic and encouraging. Work time is balanced out with games and a break-time and a story-time. Pupils generally like coming to Butterfly. Often a child who has  begun to dislike their week day school begins to enjoy learning again. For children who enjoy English at school, the Butterfly Plus coursebook, together with Bob Cox’s ‘Opening Doors’ programme, provide excellent enrichment opportunities to enhance their learning.-

The Butterfly scheme uses synthetic phonics which is the same method used in all schools. Butterfly will reinforce and repeat what children are already learning in their schools, making their learning faster and more secure.